Arcade - bitcrusher

Happy New Year and welcome to next level 2024, hope it does not have to many bugs and walk through will be easy.

I want to introduce Arcade, bitcrusher highly inspired by Ottobit Jr. by Meris.


  • bit - reduce bit rate
  • sample - reduce sample rate
  • mode - parallel or serial order of bit and sample rate


  • mode
    tempo - stutter controlling by tempo
    attack - stutter when detecting increasing of input signal
    manual - wait for stutter button push
  • order - define position where stutter is connected
  • input - muting input signal when stuttering
  • repeats - number of stutter repeats
  • speed - playback speed of stutter
  • tempo - tempo for stutter tempo mode


  • filter - lowpass filter
  • dry - dry signal
  • wet - wet signal
  • pitch - pitchshifter, it is not the best pitchshifter on planet but for bitcrusher is good enough and its cheap.

builded for Dwarf


I don’t have a use case for bit crushers, so I’m not gonna use this plugin…
But that’s a veeery nice GUI :star_struck:

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Wow, you just keep churning out new plugins!

While I think the design is cool I think it could have a little care about readability. I understand that gritty-ness is part of the esthetic, but I think this text can be very hard to read for certain screens and people with some disabilities.

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Crikey Jacube, another amazing plugin and very much up my street.

I dread to think what you have planned next - microcosm maybe :wink:.

Keep up the great work.


Same! I love the style :heart_eyes::space_invader:

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Thanks guys,

@dreamer thanks, not a problem to reduce the intensity of the structure, and if there are more people who mind it, then I will do it, i still learning about designig UI same as “programming” in pure data :slightly_smiling_face:

@Austin73 thanks and i dont have specific plans, but i think about some granular effect :wink:


Cheers Jacube that would be great.

However I think you need to show us how you actually make the plugins in PD. I have some ideas for stuff but not sure how to move forward.

Now that would be awesome and might push the plugins from users up

Nice plugin ! Do you have a github, so I can build it for the Duo X? Or will it be published to the plugin store?


That looks very nice, how about a stereo version for my favourite synth?

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This is so cool!

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