Any way to sort the pedalboards to install on the website?

Is there anyway to sort the pedalboards on the website? It defaults to the most recent on top, and you have to hit next, next, next, and so on to browse earlier patches.

I just bought an original Mod Duo and want to find older, more cpu friendly pedalboards to install but it takes for ever to page through them…

I hope I am missing something obvious - I love this device so far!


Hello @Lyford_Rome ,

thank you for your request, better searching functions in pedalboards and plugins are overdue.

Unfortunately searching isn’t really user friendly at the moment and I suppose a database revision might take a while, topics here in the forum are getting streamlined and sorted in better categories, too.
The team is small but @jon will put it on the request list.

Please be a bit more specific what you are looking for because In the meantime some users might re-publish their pedalboards, hopefully tagged with Mod Duo, Mod DuoX or Mod Dwarf…

Greetings and God bless, Marius


@mj_prod thanks for jumping in and help!

@Lyford_Rome welcome on board with a “good old” MOD Duo. There are some plans still pretty much in a few discussion tables to improve the “Pedalboards Feed” (including the name). One of the things that seems to be more decided is about some sort of tags per device. That would already help a lot in your particular situation.
For now the only filters are really the type of plugins used.
As @mj_prod said, I will map it on our request list, anyway, I’m not sure when the “sprints” to fix that will be on the roadmap.


Thanks for the replies and idea - yes my humble Duo has maxed out on some of the pedalboards, but I am gaining a sense of which plugins and the level of complexity to stay away from.

So yes, a tag for devices would be helpful, as perhaps a liking or rating feature - it would be great to sort by date released, device, and number of downloads… I know this is a completely different example but gaming mods sites have had this sorted out for a long time.

I realize the priority is the device UI at the moment, and I would second that is more important than the website pedalboard database. (As discussed here.) The skeuomorphic guitar pedals are easy to visualize, but quickly get in the way of cabling and screen real estate. I vote for more of a BitWig Studio or MuxModular view or layer to switch to.

Thanks again for a wonderful product ecosystem that is already creatively inspiring me!


These are exactly the kind of things that we have been talking about

Thanks for the nice words and your enthusiasm :slight_smile:


here’s my vote to cross post MOD pedalboards to the db.