Any Interest in samples? [CLOSED]

Hey MOD fam,

As my goals for video content are getting more cemented as I improve my recording area, so are my goals for finding a musical genre.

That being said, the GOAT of genres for me happens to be synth/vaporwave and outrun. That is the direction I want to go with my own personal development, and eventually I’d love to make my own album.

However, I have a lot of work in front of me, especially if I’m doing a DAWless set up for mod content.

It’s not just about the composition aspect, but tone and sound selection!

I made a quick little demo last night, it’s rough, but gives the vibe and tones.

Since I’m a bit slow on the uptake at times, an idea came to me wayyy late last night, and I wanted to offer anyone here the opportunity to capitalize on it lol

I own Komplete 13, and the V collection from Arturia.

The synth on the second page (not pictured) is the OP-Xa V

I should have, or will create, any sound I want for the genre I am pursuing. My plan is to create a big sample pack for my octatrack to use for MOD videos, but samples can be used in MOD units as well.

Would any of you be interested in the samples I’m gonna work on?

Also, if there are any synths in the screenshots that you’d like samples from, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to help you get the sound you need!

You can also inquire about my other VST’s. I am a big fan of my stringed instrument VSTs and physical modeling VSTs.

Hope all is well with you all!


the best ones always do that. :wink:

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I got 4 hours of sleep last night lmao

That’s okay, I got my “video for the day” handled and its not even noon :slight_smile:
Waiting for my new lighting to arrive so I can be grumpy while installing

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Cool idea! I’m more of a guitar pop/rock player but have some thoughts about working on some new wave / synthpop material. I’d love to try out some of your future samples and see what arrangements I can come up with. For me (and I’m sure many of us here) one of the great joys of music is starting with some random sample / beat / progression, even if it is outside my comfortable realm, and seeing what blossoms from it.



Since I’ll be doing this for myself regardless, I’ll set up a cloud storage folder and share the pack once it’s done!


Oh shoot, I forgot to ask.

Do you want 16 bit or 24 bit samples?

Edit: I will provide both options. I upgraded my drive storage to 200 GB. I may upload video content if people want to help edit or collaborate together.

From the Jupiter-8 sample I just recorded (2 bars) the 16bit had a 1.2MB size reduction over 24 bit.

All samples are being recorded at 44.1 khz.

Here is a tentative link so you can listen.

EDIT: until further notice, sample access is barred.

hopefully that link is working as intended… I export out of Logic directly into the applicable folder. I will categorize by sound (bass, lead, FX, drum) and sub folders will be added by type (arp, loop, single shot, etc…) as I sample from logic.

I am also listing BPM, and if I remember, the scale lol

Also, set up an “artist” email, feel free to reach me there:

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fantastic idea @Elk_wrath .

I’m always in need for good synth sounds. Most of the time I just use presets as placeholder and more often than not they stay in.

absolutly. I really like your Nostalgia - YouTube and be interested in those lines.

If you’d like I can upload a track + midis and see what you can come up with for the synth stuff. It’s more rock but let me know if your interested.

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Hey Spunktsch!

Send me anything you want. If you have midi files and want them ran through a particular synth, let me know and I will do that for you ezpz

Since I don’t have a dedicated genre, I am will to play with anything. In fact, it will help me learn quite a bit and flesh out my own style.

Ooof, idk why people like that nostalgia track lol I view it as the afterbirth of the actual performance I didn’t record lol

It was a live played piece, so the only recording I have is the audio master. I recorded that little section as an afterthought to the actual stuff I was playing for my wife while she was finishing this dope ass charcoal drawing.

Now that I know people like my more “expressive” pieces, I will record all future performances including midi and MPE info.

You are more than welcome to the audio track, or I can drop it into melodyne and convert the notes to midi and send you the midi file. Since it was expressive, there was zero timing adhered to, as it was more of an ambient feel.

I haven’t done that process before, but I have all the tools I need at my disposal and installed already.

Let me know!

I created another folder in the shared one called “Masters” and uploaded the nostalgia audio file for you!

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I’m good with 16 bit.

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Andreas did me a solid and let me know about NI’s EULA.

Unfortunately, I cannot sample or provide samples from any of NI’s stuff. A bit irritating, as I don’t see the point of “owning instruments” if im not allowed to do what I’d like with them lol.

For now, I am going to shut down this aspect of the project until I have some more clarity on the legality.

Hopefully Arturia is chill about it, if they are, I’m gonna sell off my Komplete 13 license because the arturia stuff is what I use lol

Sorry for the premature offer, but I dont want to cause any liability issues for myself, you, or MOD.

I’ll follow up on this once I’m more knowledgeable on it.


This is very irritating and not something I’d have expected. This situation strengthens the argument for what MOD offers. The more open our tools are, the more freedom we have as creators.

Also, welcome to “you don’t really own anything” :frowning: Apparently, it’s the future. Well, I guess it’s already here :slight_smile:


Yeah its definitely frustrating…

Thats the upside of hardware synths, you can’t tell me no lol

Not all hope is lost, just means samples will be a lot slower because I’ll have to design patches from scratch on hardware. Which is a time consuming process for me. My hydrasynth is a champ tho.

I can still sample for my own personal use, and I will continue to do so for my content lol

This will give me more time to focus on the OT, and the genre I want to create in. It could be worse.

But yeah, guess nobody truly owns it even after the transaction lol

I wonder what happens if someone downloads the copyrighted video off of YouTube, strips the audio from it, and samples from the video instead?

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This thread is closed for my original project.

However, I’m can be really freaking petty when I’m irritated.

So, what I am going to do, is make my sample pack regardless.

Instead of sampling the software synths themselves; I am going to use the several hundred preset patches in my VSTs (Arp 2600) as a base, make some alterations to the base patches, and record out of hardware.

The sounds coming out of my “classic” synths set up I will record and share with you as I slowly complete my own personal sample library.

Forgive my use of Behringer gear, synth purists. You will never convince me to spend the money on a classic when a more affordable modern upgrade is available.

Sometimes you just gotta separate the art from the artist. Looking at you Uli :roll_eyes:

However, the BARP is a crazy synth and will be a powerhouse for my arps. Deepmind 12 will be used for quite a bit, and iirc its a take on the juno 106. Hydra synth is just an animal anyway, and I need to start creating patches for it using the Warm mode (analogue sounds). The last surprise I have for myself, is a Dreadbox Typhon replacing my Erebus for my main monosynth next week.

I will also be publishing these under my other artist name (Aurora Elklixir), so its not affiliated with my MOD linked identity.

Edit: gotta do some surgery. The DM12 has always been a huge source of noise, supposedly tightening all the screws solves it.

Wish me luck lol