Another video with the MOD Duo

Here’s another video that I filmed back in September in Germany. I’ll upload the pedal board for this ASAP… It’s a dual path, with F/S 2 used to trigger the A/B switch (that still can’t be assigned to MIDI learn and therefor a pedal :wink: )


That is one beautiful tune!

Loved the use of the two different paths, one super spacey (is that a SCAPE I’m hearing?) and the other clean with a more subtle delay.

And it shows how neatly we can go from one to the other. Chapeau bas Monsieur :slight_smile:

thank you!

yes, I think it’s the Scape… I’ll share the board today. so you can have a play with it :slight_smile:

this board I uploaded ages ago is an earlier version of the one in the video :slight_smile:

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and here’s the actual board (with a couple of minor updates from the version used in the video - most notably replacing the Tube emulation pedal with the cabinet emulation, and adding in the Phaser) - have a listen to the demo to hear the changes… :slight_smile:

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