Another pleased Dwarf owner

I just wanted to leave a quick thank you to the MOD team and the community. I received my Dwarf a couple of weeks ago and am now making some time to explore and create. I’m a former Duo user who moved to the Headrush Pedalboard while waiting for Dwarf. My experience with the Dwarf so far has been very positive!

I knew that I was missing many of the creative modulation and reverb abilities of MOD, but I had forgotten how much. My creative senses are being pulled toward the realms of synthwave/ shoegaze / chillwave / ambient and the combination of relevant effects and flexible routing makes it so easy to start creating inspiring sounds. The included example pedalboards have been helpful in starting quickly and I’m enjoying experimenting with the guitar synth boards. I like playing classic and modern rock too, and the addition of new amp and cab sims over the last few years are a leap forward from what was available a few years ago. I haven’t even dug into the IRs or new reverbs yet, so I know I will be able to continue refining and dialing in amazing sounds.

I’m also really loving the Audio File player and the Recorder plugins. That combo is quickly becoming a staple of my exploration and enjoyment. I have some blues backing tracks that I like to warm up with as well as some loops and samples that I’ll be glad to have easy access to. A few months (or more) ago one of the community members wrote about the power of having a tape recorder running for capturing ideas and I’ve seen the light. Though I have often used a phone recorder app for similar purposes, having this “built-in” to the device offers a few advantages for convenience and workflow (and better quality audio). I’ve been making a “poor man’s looper” by recording up to a couple minutes of playing, and then using the Audio Player to play that back into the recorder to add overdubs. Rinse and repeat. Like the other member wrote, it is freeing to not worry about fitting into a set number of bars, just keep playing after mistakes, not worrying about precise timing.

Finally, the overall user experience and flexibility for mapping hardware controls is a great leap forward from the Duo. Easier access to the I/O settings and the overall menu organization and workflow are pleasant to use once you understand the basics.

I’m already considering selling my Pedalboard and focusing on getting a lifetime supply of Dwarf devices instead. Keep up the great work MOD team!


Thank you so much for the nice words @unbracketed :slight_smile:
It’s really nice to read about your experience, especially since you were an early user of the platform with the Duo and eventually you “moved out”. I’m glad that you are back :slight_smile:


Thank you for the praise @unbracketed

As one of the old-time-duo-users I read your comments with an aditional dose of care. It is very rewarding to witness the return of the MOD into your musical life :slight_smile:

Wish you great music. Always!