Another competitor/contender?

The virtual pedalboard market continues to expand:

This product looks very rudimentary compared to the MOD design format, but if you think about it, if it’s a dedicated device just for guitarists to have simple chains accessible in a simplified recall configuration, then this could fly. Not everyone needs to micromanage hyperdetailed parameters, most just need an economized fly rig and a short learning curve…


They were at NAMM, apparently. Had one of my students send me a pic of it. So far from anything like the sound design capabilities of the MOD.


It looks quick and dirty, but @solobasssteve is correct. I use the mod platform for sound design and love the complexity offered.

Edit: I’m also a hardware synth guy, so my needs are vastly different than a guitarists in terms of sound design stuff. I also don’t make music lol


I had requested some info on how to develop for their platform, but they never responded.

Seem a very small company, do think it’s interesting and more “minimal” compared to MODs offerings, but since it doen’t have any opensource parts or insight into an SDK for development I kind of lost interest.


Reviving this thread because a friend linked me to this: Tonebridge

While not technically a competitor because it’s an iOS app, it does have a lot of similar software concepts. It lacks the open-ness of MOD, but it does present a rather simplified way to customize sounds, and effects chains. It also includes amp and cab sims, so it’s fairly useful.

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