Analogue Oscillator - MOD Devices

This plugin simulates the output you get from an analogue synth's osciallators. You can get a reasonable emualtion of a 303's square (for exmaple) if you set the warmth to about 0.4 and the instability to about 0.05. The frequency is currently a control input, and there is no interpolation. source:

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Hello all mod fellows, this beta plugin does not work for me.

I installed it and I see it in the constructor overview but If I want to put it on a pedalboard I get an “error adding effect”
This is with MOD version v1.6.1,

My system is a win7 Pro,
browser is Opera.
Nearly all other Steve Harris plugins work for me, this is second plugin not working.

Thanks in advance and God bless, Marius