Amsynth: notes stuck when using midi out of Steinberg UR22


When I use midi out of my steinberg ur22 with cubase 9, sent to amsynth plugin of my Mod Duo, notes get stuck and are played in wrong high pitched key. This is only the case when I record something. or when recorded notes are being sent to amsynth.
When played “live” everything works as expected.
Signal Chain:
Midi Keyboard → PC (Windows7, yes I’m too lazy to update to 10or11) → Cubase 9 → ur22 midi out → Duo Midi in

Already tried switching midi mode (aggregated - sepperated) and differents plugins seem to work just fine, this behaviour only accures with the amsynth

How to reproduce

record or send recorded notes via midi to amsynth

Expected/suggested solution

amsynth plays right notes

Additional information

amsynth version: 1.5-10

os Version:
Machine: armv7l
Release: 5.4.38-rt21-modduo
Version: #7 SMP PREEMPT_RT

Thanks for your help

Heey Roughael,

I’ve tried to reproduce your issue but with my personal setup which is slightly different (specifications down below). Everything worked fine and I couldn’t reproduce your issue, which makes me think that the problem is not with the Duo but with either Cubase or the ur22.

What you could try though is updating to the latest Release Candidate and check if that resolves your issue. Please let me know if this helps otherwise I can do some more investigating.

Also, is your amsynth plugin updated to the latest version?

My setup:
Device: Mod Duo
OS: Windows 10
DAW: Ableton Live 10 Suite
Audio interface: Komplete audio 6 MKII

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Thank you for your reply!
I think also that it might be cubase or something else. The only thing that made me think it could be the duo or the plugin was that the issue only accured when using amsynth… But could be I overlooked something. Amsynth is at the latest version.
I’ll try the release candidate and let you know if it changed something.


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I get this issue from time to time with the Sensel Morph, on various synths, so I’m pretty sure that it results from the Morph and how it registers input.