Ambient Toolbox - MOD Devices


Shimmer? Check! Swell? Check! Looper? Check! Freeze pedal? Check. Everything ambient you need at your disposal. This pedalboard will push your creativity to the brink of destruction - along with your CPU meter! Seriously, turn on your Mod Duo and let it sit for a while, because when you first load it up, it struggles to keep up! I have incorporated a looper to be used with the extension pedals, but you can easily do without the looper and just use the Stuck/Freeze pedal if your CPU is maxed out. You could also remove the Pink Noise pedals at the end of the chain to reduce clipping (you can kind of hear it in the sample). Here's the sequence of events: First I started with the shimmer on, then turned on a prerecorded loop, then froze a high chord, and then started noodling. Note: since the switches are relying on presets, I wasn't sure how to change the labeling of the Swell effect, but it works really well regardless and you will get a handle on it.

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