Ambient/soundscape pedalboard with looperlative?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone incorporated the looperlative plugin in a pedalboard?
I still don’t have my Mod Duo X but I was thinking on building a pedalboard to create soundscapes.
A compression pedal, distortion, delay, reverb, chorus going to the looperlative with a couple of gain staging in the middle, how much CPU do you think it would take from the MOD Duo X?

I’m thinking on routing my SP 404 mk II in the 2nd input to be able to record live drums to the looperlative plugin as well.

Any one did something similar?

So just going theoretical here while I wait for the Duo X to arrive but really curious! :blush:

Thanks for your time and let me know if this is the correct place for this post!


Done something similar with my Dwarf. Should be OK if you don’t use RMPRO or a couple of the Amp Sims as they can get a bit heavy on CPU.


Oooh, this is an interesting subject. Care to share your soundscaping pedalboards?


Hello @joaehun ,

I made a quick search in the forum and ourour pedalboard feed and found these:

Z choco-floaty by B R

double lp3 by Jul

This could be a great ambient pedalboard user challenge, at least I’d like to tinker with
lp3, jpc stone phaser, Gaffa, Phantom Zone, Shiroverb, you name it.

Thanks for the input.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Try slow gear after the drive pedals feeding into k devices and other reverb and delays. I also put the funky little black reverb ( sorry forgot its name as at work) just after slow gear. Very trippy - goes into any of the loopers and away you go.

I will try and post some boards tomorrow if I get chsnce


Hello @Austin73 ,

do you mean Roomy by OpenAV or starchild by airwindows as reverb?

Greetings and God bless. Marius


Starchild I think. Little black one with 3 white knobs - just checked and yes it’s that one. Very cool plugin indeed.


Just noticed Starchild is a bit heavy - 30% roughly on Dwarf.

There are no rules for ambience etc just try anything and put it in the wrong place - that’s where the magic happens.

I was trying to create/ post a more streamlined board for you to try, when I tried something slightly different .

On the drum loops I have a parallel drive feeding into reverb which actually gives quite a nice undertone wash if that makes sense, that you can kick in and out.

It’s quite a boring board but will get you there , or out there if required. You then add stuff , needs a pitch shifter, slow gear or volume swell, maybe a sequencer but you get the idea .