Ambient board in progress

I am working on a board that will eventually attempt to get similar to the Hologram Microcosm.

I am missing some critical features on this board that would give more control over the loopers/phrases.

The goal is to get one shot recordings, or have the reset button tripped after a set time in a sequencer ran off of a midi delay line. Without the ability to automate the reset, it can be done by hand with assignments.

This board is nowhere near where I want the finished product to be, but I am limited by both knowledge and plugin features.

I have no idea what this sounds like other than with synths. I recommend feeding it slowly, and make adjustments as needed. I did my best to annotate key parameters, and what the CV controls effect.

I will continue to refine this board until it becomes usable for my productions.


@Elk_wrath wow… another astonishing approach for the Mod universe. This is allready cooll, even if it’s not finished yet


Thanks Kim!

I believe that Plutek may have found me a solution for the automated reset, if it works, I’ll streamline this board considerably. Because of all the work arounds I’ve been coming up with, and implementing both midi and CV control, this board is ineffecient and a bit confusing to navigate at times lol

I will begin the redesign next week.

Things I am trying to accomplish with the board:

  1. Sequencers can be manipulated into “presets” for the effect. (I need to remove randomization on the rec/play triggers, while finding a way to randomize recording length). I have requested a sequencer with a nudge/rotation knob for fast pattern adjustments.

  2. I would like each sequencer “preset” to automate parameter changes (pitch, drift, etc) when you flip to them (would be nice, but outside of my MOD skillset) but I think I may just need to duplicate boards and save the boards instead.

  3. Would like to add more delay and a chorus, but as a secondary end chain. I’ll probably drop in a switch and portal so its optional.

  4. I’d like to add more mixing options for the effects. I will add a stereo mixer in the chain where you can have easy control over the effect mix.

  5. Once the mechanics of the board are sound and working, I’d like to focus on removing redundant plugins/controls to make it more dwarf/user friendly.

  6. I need to add an attenuverter on the LFOs to reduce the rate even further for smoother and slower modulation of drift and grain delay.

  7. Find a looper that supports CV automation for reset, or single loop triggers. I was really hoping the Looperlative had CV assignments for momentary on switches. A simple CV pulse wave is a perfect trigger that can be sequenced, seems like it’d be useful for triggering loopers. I wonder if that is something I can request?

I have no idea if this board will get me close to a microcosm, but I’ll say that I used this board last night while playing, and it has become a super textured “pad” effect that follows the chord changes I use.

The effect changes based on the tone you feed it. Bright and shiny tones get extra love from the pitch shifter, and darker tones get more of the tape delay and reverb focus from what I’ve explored ao far.

Kinda wish I had a stringed instrument so I could test what the board sounds like without synths lol