AM pitchshifter by Steve Harris

I use this pichshifter in my Ubuntu 17.10 Srtudio with Arbour6 . But I do not knpw how to use it to increase pitch from 44o to 442 . Is there some manual ?

umm, are you real? Sorry but your post really looks like something from a bot. Ardour6 isn’t even building yet in git AFAIK. AM Pitchshifter really isn’t a great shifter, use rubberband or ardour has built in pitch shifting for regions.

Nothing of this has anything to do with Mod… I suspect you are a bot. Will you please prove me wrong?

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Well, I am real and I really use latest version of Ardour namely 6.0 . I compiled it from source package several weeks ago. It is much stronger than 5.2 I used to work with. I used this AM Pitchshifter from Ardour built in effects. can you please give me info of this rubberband? Thanks

alright, I’m wrong again. :slight_smile:

Sorry for my suspicion, I just haven’t seen many support requests for plugins here since this forum is specifically for Mod Devices.
But hey whatever.

Here’s the rubberband project:

But I’d recommend just right clicking the region and selecting edit>pitch shift. This uses the rubberband backend, no plugin required.