Alternative for Boss OC5/OC3 (select range to octave)

Hello, I would like to octave down/pitch shifting only a selected range of the instrument. I know that Boss OC3 and OC5 have this function.

Does anyone has an idea to how to do this? Is there an effect that do it like OC3 or is necessary to split the audio (with a filter like CrossOver 2?) and add an octaver + bass amp + bass cabinet?

I appreciate any tip or suggestion.

Some examples:

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Hi, I am OC-3 user and I surely know, that this is going to be my first quest once I receive my Dwarf. I guess that you rather want to keep all your dry signal in one parallel signal path and the bass signal with octaver applied on other. I would probably try splitting the signal to two parallel paths and using low pass filter followed by octaver on one of them, instead of using crossover. That is the basic logic, however I guess it will need more sophisticated fine tuning, depending on how radical the threshold of the filter can be and others. To achieve naturally sounding bass, it might need more stages of filtering, some EQs and more. But that is just rough guess how I would start trying.

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I guess that you are asking is exactly the GxOC-2, no?
With the Super Whammy or the 2Voices you can get probably similar results.

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Not really, GxOC-2 just adds one or two octaves down to whatever sound going trough, like any other octaver. The magic of OC-3/5s “poly” mode is the crossover thing. Octave down is added just to low notes and above some note (that frequency can be set by a knob) there is nothing added. It is very popular with acoustic guitarists, who set the threshold usually that way, that when they strum a chord, just the lowest note of the chord is shifted an octave down. In similar manner I use this with my kalimbas - for example I set it usually that way that if I play one of two lowest notes on my kalimba, there is octave down added to that note, however there is no octave added for any higher note played.


So some kind of FFT or frequency based filtering step is used. Not sure if there is an FFT based filter on our plugin collection…

But there is a 3BandSplitter in beta which you can use to verify this.

Plugin has 3 pairs of stereo outputs, for low, mid and high frequency ranges.

So for example you could try to pass the 1st stereo pair through a pitchshifter while connecting the other to the next output (again in pairs)
This likely will be too simplistic for what you need, but at least should show if this is a step into the right direction or not.

EDIT: using the middle pair is likely more useful. because then on the 3BandSplitter plugin you can tweak both the lower and higher band to let through.


I tried it with 3 Band Splitter & Drop; couldn’t come close - better minds might be able to, though.

This is a high priority MOD challenge in my view; to develop a plug-in or a combination that makes the deepest note in your chord (guitar: E or A string) play 1 octave down - all other notes untouched… wonderful tool!

  • like the Boss OC3 and OC5 does

Hello all, thanks for all ideas.

I tried all the ideas (3 Band Spliter, CrossOver, BandPassFilter, LowPassFilter, Dual Voice, GxOC-2, Super Wammy, SubSynth) and I didn’t get a good result.

Maybe the least worst result was with MDA SubSynth with a lot of gain.

I think that it’s similar to CrossOver 3…

I tried the both way. No success :frowning:

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Question to the MOD team:

The wonderful HarmonizerCS have controls for Lowest note to trigger a change of the pitch.

“Lowest wet”…

I believe it is from the MOD team workshop… :slightly_smiling_face:

Would it be possible to use this “system” to give one of the MOD octave pedals controls like Boss OC3 and OC5 ?

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Everything is possible :slight_smile: It can take more or less time :grin:
I’m mapping it on our requests.


thanks JoĂŁo :slight_smile:

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