Allow assignment to knob on multiple/all subpages

My first impression of the new pages and subpages navigation model is that I love it. In particular, the changing LED colours per page is to die for :heart: :heart: :heart:

However, I can already see one obvious limitation. Imagine I have a simple pedalboard with three stomp pedals A B and C, and only the first stomp pedal A has three parameters I want to be able to tweak via the knobs. So I’ll have stomps 1 and 2 on the first page, and stomp 3 on the second page. But it only lets me assign each knob to a single page, which means that if I put them all on page one (which is logical considering they correspond to stomp A which is on footswitch B of page one), they are only accessible when I’m on page one. So if I wanted to activate stomp C via page two and then quickly tweak one of the knobs, I’d have to switch back to page one before being able to do the tweak.

The same applies to footswitches as well as knobs. In the above example, I might want stomp A available on footswitch B on both pages one and two, so that cycling between pages would only change footswitch C between stomps B and C. This would make sense if stomp A was the one I used the most, and B/C were needed less often.

A solution to this would be to allow assignment of the same parameter on multiple pages, so that you wouldn’t have to switch back to a specific page to access it. Of course to avoid confusion it would probably make most sense if you assigned it to the same knob or footswitch position on each page, so that it didn’t appear to jump around as you cycle through the pages.

From a web UI design perspective, I can think of two ways to offer this configuration path, and I think it would make sense to offer both rather than just picking one of them:

  • Firstly, right now if an assignment is made to a given knob on a given page / subpage, clicking a different knob / page / subpage will automatically deactivate the existing assignment as well as activating the new assignment. The behaviour could instead be changed not to do this automatic deactivation, but rather to allow deactivating the assignment by clicking on the assigned button. In other words, turn each knob button in the assignment UI into a toggle, rather than having them all as a big matrix of radio buttons offering a single choice. This would allow assignment of a parameter to all pages, or to a subset, e.g. to pages 1, 2, and 4, but not page 3.

  • Secondly, a new column “All pages” could be added at the left hand side of the assignment matrix. If a button was clicked in that, then it would make the assignment across all pages, greying out the other per-page buttons in that row of the matrix. Clicking the same button again would remove the all-page assignment, ungreying the row and once again allowing per-page assignment as described above.

Finally, for similar reasons and in the same way that it can be desirable to have an assignment fixed even when changing pages, it would make sense to allow assignments to multiple or all sub-pages of a given page, so that assignments can be fixed even when changing sub-pages. E.g. I might want a given parameter to be on knob 1 of every sub-page of page 2, even though knobs 2 and 3 would vary between the sub-pages of page 2.

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Just noticed Control one parameter with two assignments - #6 by S_Righteous which is vaguely related to this, but in practice rather different.

thanks so much for this detailed and well-considered idea, @aspiers! parameter and knob assignment editing is an area that does need some work in the MOD UI; it’s great to see some well-considered and concrete ideas.


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Thanks @plutek. Just made some very minor edits to the OP for clarity.