All needed controls of a pedalboard on one screen for phone/tablet

How difficult would it be to add a screen to the Web UI, on which a user could have all the controls they needs for a given pedalboard in one single view:

Let’s say that I’ve got 3 pedals, with 4 controls each, it would be cool to have a view with an array of up to 12 labelled sliders or buttons, so that I can fine tune my settings manually from the web interface on my phone or my tablet for instance. In a live situation, I don’t really need to see the full pedalboard with all the pedals drawn on the screen. It’s easier to just see the controls I need clearly labelled.


Not really sure how hard, but although it’s a nice suggestion it might take a bit since we are all quite overwhelmed at this point. Anyway, I’m saving this on the requests :wink:

My opinion is that this could quickly become a nightmare.

Already, there are plugins with too many controls to display in one screen (ex: parametric equalizer). Imagine add several other plugins to this mess.

Furthermore, The control names would be a problem. You would get several “Gain” controls and would need more screen space to add an identifier to let you know to which plugin this “Gain” belongs to.

The only way I see this could be bearable is if the controls were not graphics of rotary knobs but rather be displayed in a list format with an edit box for entering the value or a "On/Off’ radio button (or dropdown combobox) at the end if each line in the list and also a button with “…” to pop a small window for MIDI and actuator assignments. Then, the list could be separated by plugins.

Something like this:

Plugin 1

Active Yes […]
Gain 68 […]
Bass 91 […]
Trebble 40 […]

Plugin 2

Active No […]
Gain 25 […]


Could you not make something using Touchosc or similar. Wouldnt add parameters but if you use the same stuff per gig you could easily create a controller. Not sure if the dwarf takes the info via usb easily but something to consider


So basically instead of allotting a control to a pedal or switch assign it to a virtual pedal or switch which is accessible from a connected device. I wouldn’t have thought that was too hard, but then I haven’t programmed anything for around 25 years! There should be some way of accessing a midi switch device on a PC that can be mapped. When I get my Dwarf I’ll have a look!

Would it be difficult to have OSC or Midi over IP on the Mod?

not sure but you dont need to program osc it does Midi really well. Not sure if the Mod needs a bridge program like Windows does. Sorry I forgot about that part. Of you use ableton or a computer in your studio its a great help. When I finally get my Dwarf I will see what I can come up with.

Just thought - can try with my Helix tomorrow on my day off so hold tight .

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Ok just tried my Helix Floor with TouchOSC and works nicely receiving MIDI from both Samsung S10 and Kindle Fire 8HD. Can’t seem to get the Helix to send its encoder movements to TouchOSC as yet but only been trying for 10mins. Im guessing the Dwarf will at least be on par or hopefully better. Using OTG adapter and USB cable by the way.


I honestly think this is a pretty fab idea!

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I don’t really have a “real” amp for my practice at home. So what I would like to end up doing is to make a “fake” cabinet concealing my small Creative computer speakers, plus the power supplies for the speakers and the MOD, plus a front panel that I could “open” and put on the floor with my MOD on it (and possibly a cheap USB Midi set of footswitches) like a pedalboard, and add on top of it a base for a phone or tablet allowing me to access virtually all the controls I need for a given pedalboard (either via bluetooth, or Wifi, or - why not - USB).

That would allow me to carry everything in one package. Additionnally, since everything here uses 12V, I could even add a battery pack.

You could even use a drill battery if you have a 12v one lying around. If not google buck convertors if its bigger than 12v.

Do you already have your dwarf?

Have you got an idea on what effects and parameters you would need on the screen? If so can make a basic template for you to try on TouchOSC to see how you get on .


I’ve got a Duo. And I’m waiting for my Dwarf to arrive.

Late reply (I had it saved to learn more). If the app “spits out” MIDI it must be straight forward. If you want to use OSC, I need to dig a bit more

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Hi Jon, sorry didn’t see your response. TouchOSC spits out midi via usb cable on my phone and tablet not sure if OSC would offer more benefits. I have some free days coming up so will draft a quick template that people can try and post the link on this thread - unless you want it moved somewhere else.

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So just done a quick layout.

Buttons are toggles Midi cc 0-3

Faders Midi cc 11-29

XY pads are number of xy ie first five are distortion - 2 1/2 fingers and the next 2 1/2 fingers fo modulation etc

Faders, Knobs and XY pads all the same to see which you prefer. I used the old editor so it should work on touchOSC1 and the newer TouchOSC.

Hope that helps

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Hi, I tested a while ago TouchOsc with MODEP… and it was working nice even with WiFi.

But I was not able to get any feedback in TouchOsc… When I change any parameter somewhere else, like load another snapshot, then the values shown in TouchOsc were wrong.

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Thanks guys!

Not checked that . Is modep kicking out midi back to touchosc? if not thats why it isnt changing. I normally run it with ableton and that syncs fine. Can even run lots of different pages on 2 tablets and 2 old phones at once of which sync up, if somewhat slow at doing it

I guess the MODEP needs to output its new value following the snapshot change to allow touchosc to catch up

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