Airwindows FX in LV2

Just leaving this here in the hope some kind soul might port it - or explain to me how I can :wink:

Most of the Airwindows effects are quite heavy because they make use of intense dithering (adding randomized noise to reduce quantization distortion).

Ideally that gets patched out, but that’s quite some work to do.

For LV2 I also wonder how this would work with dynamic parameters (each effect has different ones), since afaik that’s not allowed according to the spec.

A man can dream, can’t he? :grinning:

To be honest I’m close to selling my Mod DuoX at this point because the platform, despite having a ton of potential for electronic producers like myself, seems to be entirely focused on an oversaturated guitar multi fx market.

Lord knows why, not sure how they think they can compete with the likes of Boss or Line6. Meanwhile the electronic music space is calling out for something like this, though I suspect the 4ms Meta Module might offer that once it’s out.

Shame really as I like the hardware and platform but the options in terms of synths and FX are starting to feel really limiting even after six months or so.

Also, and I mean this politely, the community seems overrun with developers who can’t seem to understand that not everybody is like them in terms of skillset -which is kinda alienating if I’m 100% honest.

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I think Cardinal is much more useful in this regard. We still need more input on what polyphonic modules to extend CardinalMini with, this way you can make your own polyphonic synth voices (regular cardinal is too heavy).

Anyway this tangent of yours has absolutely nothing to do with Airwindows FX of course. There are other places to rant :wink:

I’m not sure how effective it is to add 400+ un-curated FX on a platform where we already have FX overload. There are certainly some hidden gems to the Airwindows plugins, so why not focus on porting those instead? See this topic for more discussion around that: Hannes Braun - Airwindows (series) - #7 by falkTX

The majority of Airwindows FX are only interesting for highly specific experimentation (and their original intent), but completely useless for general music making.

When you gotta rant, you gotta rant :wink: