AIDA-X presets list bug?


After adding models in the File Manager / Plugin Resources/ Aida DSP Models, my preset list doesn’t work as expected anymore, I have to re-save some models to presets. Some links presets-models seem lost because of new models inserted in the list.

How to reproduce

Add a model in the File Manager, reload the PB , check the former presets

Additional information


Mac OS , Chrome

Can you elaborate a bit more on this? How does it behave and how do you expect it to behave?


For example, if I have 4 models in my models list: " A C E G", and I save 4 “A C E G” presets. Loading preset A give me model A, preset C give me model C, preset E give me model E, preset G give me model G.

If I load a new model “B”, my list of models becomes in alphabetical order A B C E G.

At that point the links preset-models are lost:

Loading preset A give me model A , preset C give me sometimes A sometimes B but not C… and so on for the rest of the list.

To be shure to make it work, I have to re-save each preset with the corresponding model…
and FYI, in my case I have 23 presets assigned to 23 models from a list that has 59 items

Hope it’s clear


Heey Zwabo, I’ve been trying to reproduce your bug using the steps you described but so far I haven’t been able to.

What plugin version are you using?

Hi Steven, that was 0.9.4 .
Same problem with 0.9.5 BUT…

I did some tests, here is the result, this is not a problem related to new imported models:
let’s imagine that I am on a preset B linked to a model B and I want to try another model, e.g. X.
When I create a new preset with the “save as” option
by naming it X , THEN I have to hit “save”
so that the X-X link exists, otherwise it creates an empty preset. And this is what was confusing my presets list. So for now the procedure to keep in mind is:
First create a new preset and then choose a model, THEN hit save… not perfect but it works.

Do you use google chrome to open the wb ui?
In the past I had weird preset issues with google chrome that I don’t have with firefox.
I don;t use google chrome anymore to open the web ui.

Same mess in my presets with Firefox…