AIDA X parameter functions

Hi all, what are the functions PARAM 1&2 and how would we use them?

These are for conditioned models where 1 or 2 parameters have been modelled through there ranges

Is there any documentation on how to make a conditioned model? I would love to do my Bugera V22 that way.

@spunktsch @madmaxwell are the people with all the good details on how to model conditioned models

@spunktsch what we want to do here is to drop a ready to use Configs for conditioned models

as I understood, It involves creating quite a lot of models of a series of meaning permutations between which a dynamic transition can happen. They currently don’t support this way of working for end-users as it is not automated (and requires manual work)

Imagine 2 parameters p and q being 2 dimensions on a grid with possible combinations

            P1       P2        P3        P4      P5
Q1          *         *         *        *        * 
Q2          *         *         *        *        * 
Q3          *         *         *        *        * 
Q4          *         *         *        *        * 
Q5          *         *         *        *        * 

For this example the made 25 models (for combination one) AND a dynamic transition between these points in order to have smooth transition and not a “5 step control”.

Combining these models and their transitions is, as you can imagine, not (yet?) an option.

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