AIDA-X - multiple instances on a pedalboard

How many AIDA-X plugins can run in a single pedalboard on a Dwarf?
Is it viable to to have several … say one each for distort/reverb/amp/cab?

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if you put them all in parallel, 4 would be the maximum (Dwarf is a quad-core CPU, so the processing would be done in 4 separate threads).

if you have them in series then 2 would be a bit too much already.

basically: if the intention is to have 1 AIDA-X per input and signal flow, it seems quite doable to me. running 1 AIDA-X after another is not.


you could use the portal plugins to have a “parallel pipeline” maybe


Also, a little bit on the side from the subject of performance, I’ve noticed that the UI of the AIDA plugin doesn’t show the name of the model being used and that we have to go to the internal settings to see it. It would be great to be able to see (and maybe select) the model being used directly from the pedalboard view.