AIDA-X JCVM Crunch channel problem


In my pedalboard on the Dwarf I use the JCVM amp at the core. Through snapshots I change channels from Clean to Crunch or SLX (these transitions work too slow by the way). I experience problems with the Crunch Channel in model input size 2 (normal/middle): CPU usage is at 66% and memory low. Now: when I turn the Gain knob on the amp, it does not react or it reacts only after larger turns. Also: after a change of the Gain knob, when changing snapshots and come back to the Crunch channel, the volume is low and there is hardly any Gain (more like the clean channel). In the display on the Dwarf the CPU usage and memory usage stay low.
This behavior changes to normal when I change the training model mode to 1 (light): then it works ok.

  • Operating system: Mac
  • System version: 14.3.1 / M3 Pro

I have this same problem too (Windows 10).

please upload the pedal board to the cloud. I can take a look at it and see if I can find the problem.

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Please note that the snapshots in this PB are changed with midi program changes (and some of the effects with midi CC), using an external footcontroller.

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