AIDA shop and Mod Dwarf at Thomann

You probably know this already, but in light of a recent foul-mouthed member trashing AIDA models here in the forum, I decided to take a look and see why they’d come here to whine about it and say they had purchased models.

It turns out the AIDA X website has a BUY link that goes straight to Mod Dwarf’s page at Thomann. So, it’s actually binding MOD to the AIDA product. You may wish to fix that.

My 2 pence.


yeah I’ve seen that. Thanks for the suggestion but I think we have to live with that.

The connection to MOD is by design and with the upcoming premium models it makes even more sense to keep the links, but maybe a disclaimer isn’t a bad idea after all.

And if they bought those AIDA-X models from that website that looks already fishy and has red flags all over the place I think you are lost in this world anyway. Nothing can fix that.

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A fix is not too complicated. Right now it shows MOD = AIDA. But AIDA is an independent project and not MOD-only. Thus, a link to SHOP from their website where people can

1-Buy models for AIDA’s engine regardless of version
2-Buy a hardware host for their engine (MOD)
3-Buy anything else they have to offer

That breaks the MOD = AIDA chain without hurting either side.

Just ideas, MOD can do whatever they like, including ignoring this. I suspect nevertheless that “Paypal chargeback” equals returning the Dwarf to Thomann. That pinches MOD where it hurts the most.


thanks @miss_demeanor for your suggestion. We changed the buy button to our premium plugins.
In the end you are right - makes more sense as a independent project to list our own products.