Aida model question

Hi everyone!
When we have a pedalboard with a certain model and mayne an ir cab does it get saved with the pedalboard or someone has to have the file too??

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saving a pedalboard keeps a reference (symbolic link in technical terms) to the file in use.
sharing a pedalboard turns that reference into the file it points to, so that for example sharing a pedalboard with an aida-x model, audio file or other related content will have the file as part of the pedalboard.

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Ok thanks!The file does not get saved on the device though,right?You cannot tell which one it is?
(It would be nice to have a display on the Aida plugin to see which file is being used)

Does that mean we have to be careful not to share pedalboards with e.g. commercial IRs?

depends on the license of said IRs, but typically yes…

for what is worth pedalboard files do not have a publicly acessible link, they can only be downloaded if you have a unit and then files are sent to the unit. retrieving such files can’t be done accidentaly, someone would need to purposefully look for those inside the unit and copy them out.

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