AIDA DSP - AIDA-X Showcase

We’re proud to bring a great new addition to the Plugin Store: The AIDA-X Showcase

The AIDA-X Showcase is a free plugin that contains one static model of each channel of AIDA DSP’s finely crafted amplifier simulators:


I bought the JCVM and the Tweaker. They are worth it!


They sound great! What’s the price tag of each of these? I don’t own the Dwarf (yet) and I couldn’t find the price of these (or any other paid plugins).


Edit: I just found each of the models go for 19,90€. Source here.

I’m guessing this is correct.

As of Jan. 1st, 2024 the prices of the AIDA plugins have been updated.

You can see the commercial plugins here: Commercial Plugins - MOD Audio website


Gracias jefe! :love_you_gesture:t6:

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upps, that updated prices are much!!
take the aida showcase for free and you are done!

As often with MOD, there is an option for those who don’t want to spend much and don’t mind handling a sightly more “under the hood” way of doing things, and a paying option for those who want it a bit easier. All in all in the end, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Since I had the 150€ vouchers, I didn’t mind buying the Aida stuff as soon as it was out. The increase in price is not small, but the overall price is not ridiculously expensive too, especially if you compare with typical plugins for DAWs or similar.

I also keep in mind that aside from selling Hardware, MOD needs to make a bit of money and selling high quality well curated plugins is a way to do that (and I believe that was one of the top requests from many users after the reboot). It’s also a way to recoup from the efforts with integrating AIDA-X onto the platform.

I can’t believe my 8 years old Mod Duo was still getting software updates until recently (including the AIDA-X support !!!). And think about all the amazing user support we are getting from MOD and the community for free (especially from someone as busy as @falktx).

So yeah, I am happy to shed a few euros from time to time. That’s also a sort of rule in the open source community : be ready to drop a bit of cash to allow the people who provide you with amazing software to continue doing what they do for you and feed themselves and their families.

I am actually regularly sending money to wikipedia or to the Ardour project. I think it’s the minimum when I think to how much I got from them in the first place.


I’m curious to hear more about it. The general response we had since launching the AIDA amps is that they might be slightly underpriced given what they offer.

As the AIDA team keeps improving the plugins- like the new SLX channel for the JCVM and the upcoming new channels of the Tweaker- we considered fair to their work that the price is increased.

Furthermore, with the Bundle deal, one can still purchase them at old price.

And of course, the AIDA Showcase is always there as a no-cost option :grinning:


This is nice. I thought it couldn’t be saved into a pedalboard or something like that.

Also if I really like one or two of them I wouldn’t mind to get the full version.


Erm… Is this only available for the kickstarter supporters? I mean… can I get the Dwarf with a bundle to spend in the store getting better prices?

I didn’t mean I should be able to get a bundle deal. I was just genuinely wondering :sweat_smile:

Sorry. I expressed myself in a confusing way. The bundle I meant was the automatic discount that is applied when the 4 plugins are bought together

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Oh I get it. Thanks for clarifying!

I cannot purchase, because there is no paying method at check out in the plugin store.