Aether Reverb (cloudseed)

I’ve contacted the developer of the lv2 cloudseed port Aether. He was nice enough to compile it for the dwarf. I’ve tested it and it works pretty good. As expected it’s CPU intensive if you up the delay lines. Maybe there is a way to optimize it.

If anyone is interested the bundle can be found on github.


compiling and making it find its way to the Dwarf is beyond me I’m afraid.
Looks promising though

you don’t have to. I’ve used the docker image to push the bundle to the dwarf.


ah cool, thanks for the tip

"What would possibly go wrong?"he said, while carefully making a full backup of his Dwarf first



It would be cool if you guys can share a sample/video of it :slight_smile:

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This sounds like the kind of reverb I like. How CPU intensive is it? Just a rough percentage would be ok.

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I’ll have to check but I think with 2 delay lines you are up to 50% and everything above 4 is unusable. I’ll have to test further if there is more to improve performance in dialing back other parameters.


Thank you!

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When will this reverb be available to try out?


I just built it using the .mk file provided by the dev and pushed it to my Dwarf. Sounds really, really good. With controls in the default positions, it has a spring reverb feel to it.


Would be difficult to push this plugin into the beta store? I tried several times to use the docker and etc but for some reason I’ve never got any results

I’ll have to figure out a few things.

  1. get permission from the author
  2. see if I can reduce CPU usage
  3. it’ll need a UI
  4. figure out how to push to the beta store

no promises, but I’ll see what’s involved.

Update: I contacted the author on @spunktsch 's link above. Let’s see what they say.


it has an MIT License - that is good to go.

the delay lines effect the performance (and sound) the most. I think this has to be limited (codebased or via interface)

I’ll started that back in feb but didt’t go further while waiting for the guidlines - but it should’nt be far from the original.

Plugin Publish Process - MOD Wiki but i think @falkTX can comment if this is still up to date.


Ha! Thanks for those bits. You just saved me some searching about. In the meantime, I rebuilt the plugin with the “release” option that indicated some optimizations, but that appears to use slightly more CPU than the default, which I assume is in “debug”, or it could just be the vagaries of other processes being in play at different times.

I’ll check it out!

Thanks again, @spunktsch !


Recorded a quick sample of the Aether Reverb

@falkTX here is the .mk file


some good news: I added Aether to another pedalboard that was already at ~53% CPU and adding Aether only bumped it up to ~63%. Not bad at all!


Sounds promising :slight_smile:


how many delay lines did you use?

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If I’m reading it correctly, 3. I just left everything at the defaults. I will say that making a UI for this will be a challenge.

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if we stay away from the foot pedal style the original gui would’nt be hard to implement - minus the graphical eq.