Advertising campaign, my opinion

Hi all,
here for sharing my personal opinion on the advertising campaign i saw on Facebook.
I think videos, audio and music are well done, really good quality stuff!
So if the video will reach someone who is looking for a superior tone of his guitar and he is listening with headphones or a good speaker you will just make bingo.
Unfortunately I think that most of videos will pass on a smartphone without headphone so the bigger part it will be lost. Eyes will only quickly see “reverb” and maybe “convolution”, so they could underestimate the magnitude of this device and think it could be something like “moer radar”.
I understand that is a new feature for you (and a really good one in my opinion), but don’t forget that the ones thath are “older” at your eyes are still great, and most of people don’t even know that you and this kind of possibility even exist.
So I believe that add some visuals (maybe on the “green screen” back the player or at the end of the video) regarding whole MOD environment could reach a bigger portion of people.
As I said: just my opinion


Hi @CarloDossi

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Making the material for promo and advertising has been quite a challenge.

In the past we used to rely more on our UI elements for promos and that led to the confusion that MOD is something that you run on the computer. That is why the new videos totally omit the UI.

We are working on more material and thinking on creative ways of displaying the UI - which is very eye catching by the way - but without generating wrong impressions.

I’d say that, as a general rule, “top of funnel” videos shall omit it and, as we move down the funnel, the UI then should come more towards the spotlight.


I understand your choice it make sense.
Maybe some photograms showing some “good-looking pedalboard” in the UI dropping in the small Dwarf that is used in the “reverberated landscape” could be understable?
For exemple yesterday I discovered “VERB:Rhythm Filter”, it’s greate, it has a high quality reverb but listening to it is immediately clear that there is more than reverb inside, and is user friendly, just click ,download and play; no understanding needed.

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This is good info to have.

When I go to work on content, I think what I’ll do is have a video of the hardware as I use it, as well as a screen recording of the gui on my iPad.

I’ll have to dig around in final cut a bit, but I’ll add an overlay of the MDX as I use it, but the main focus will be the pedal board and parameters changing while in use. That way you can see whats really on the board contributing to the sound.

Do you think being able to see both the gui and hardware being used on a single screen would be more informative for your needs?

Thinking about the amount of work in front of me learning new programs and systems, makes me want to punch myself in the face.

This hobby is fun.

This hobby is fun.

This hobby is fun.