Advanced knob control parameter - sub-divisions

For some parameters it would be really useful if you could set a number of ‘detente’ positions for a particular knob. For example, a parameter which goes from -100 to +100 in .01 increments, it would be very useful to set a number of specific positions on that spectrum you prefer, and when you move the knob, it would jump to each sub-division, skipping the values in-between.

In some cases a parameter might have a few ‘sweet spots’, and you want to be able to switch between them.

Essentially limiting the knob to a set number of values which can be switched through.

I have not seen a way to replicate this with CV modules.


A bit of a nasty workaround, but what about a MIDI sequencer followed by a MIDI Note to CC converting and connected to the Virtual MIDI loopback port, then assigning that CC to whatever parameter you want to do this.

Anyway, I believe that this is also possible somehow with CV, I would just need to experiment a little bit or maybe @jesse has the answer on the tip of his fingers (as quite often!) :slight_smile:


I think any work around would be circumventing the knob feedback in the display.

Ideally, if you had three settings of 0, 35 and 100, those are the only values you would see when the knob is turned, and it may need to ‘catch and jump’ to get to each setting. A super bonus feature would be the ability to set a glide time between them!