ADT Plugin?

Is there an ADT type plugin?
I looked, but couldn’t find anything.


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What does “ADT” mean?

[edit: do you mean Automatic double tracking - Wikipedia ? ]


Artificial Double Tracking.

@klowy, I’m afraid one such plugin isn’t available yet. There’s a tape flanging one here.


Yes, exactly.

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I’ll check that out. thx

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To me it seems that, due to the nature of the effect, this is not something that even can be done in realtime.

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Actually, it seems like all you need is a very short delay and a tape simulation. You can then combine that with the original to get the same effect.


It works really well.


That’s pretty much what I’m looking for. Super short delay and tape. thx

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Have you played with the Shiro Gaffa delay? It has tape simulation in it.


I haven’t tried the Shiro Gaffa (yet). But I will tonight.


TAP Fractal Doubler could be an option.


Correct. In our context that’s all one needs.

Strictly speaking, the “double track” is a copy of the original track delayed by a few milliseconds. The tape simulation will then add some character to it.

Without tape sim, one can split the audio signal and add a delay to one of them, then rejoin them down the pipe.


True, but my assumption was that since the original idea was implemented via tape, then you’d probably want tape simulation to get a similar result. Of course, it is certainly possible that the tape sound didn’t actually assist.

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@klowy have you tried the TAP Fractal Doubler?

I find it one of the most underrated plugins in the platform.

It generates a second “track” with variances in pitch and delay. Intead of oscliating whese variances with a traditional LFO, it uses a fractal distribution, which gives it a less predictable result which I really enjoy.

You have adjustments for the amount of delay and pitch displacement from the original sound. It can be beautifully subtle.

Maybe it is worth a try :slight_smile:


Your assumption is correct, inasmuch as the process was tape based, however

It didn’t. There just wasn’t any other commercial, large-scale multitracking available at the time other than tape. It was an expensive process relying on crystal sync and multiple tape machines.

As soon as digital processing became available, ADT on tape ceased to be employed, long before tape machines themselves were retired.

The Waves ADT plugin employs tape sim just to add character to the final sound.

(Cakewalk had a built-in doubler back in the 90s)


I am playing with the Fractal Doubler. The Shiro Gaffa is actually very good at this as well. The delay time needs to very short. Around 35 ms. What the Gaffa is missing is modulation.


Glad you’re making progress, @klowy.

Just as an example, If I were to rebuild the Abbey Road studio doubling, I’d do the following:

  1. Split the audio line I want doubled;
  2. Add a delay to one of them;
  3. Use a Chorus effect with very low rate and depht right after the delay;
  4. Use a mixer plugin to have a fine control over the amount of each signal.

Looks like a lot and/or too elaborated, but the beautiful thing is that MOD makes it not only possible but also very easy to do. :slight_smile:


It’s a bit elaborate, but not too much. But once I get everything dialed in, it’s done. Of course, I know I’ll be tweaking it for a long time.