Additional pair of audio out?

The MOD DUO X has two TRS mono audio outputs. In addition to that, there is the headphone out that can also be used for CV out.
My idea is, it would be great if there was a second pair of audio outs available. For example, I would like to run a stereo guitar signal into a pair of guitar amps and at the same time route a stereo synth signal directly into a PA. Obviously the device does not have a second pair of audio outputs. Do you think you could implement the headphone out to support this scenario?

Many Thanks.


Iā€™d be interested in that feature, too. You could, for example, use the MOD for arpeggiated synths or effects and send a click to the drummer via the headphone port.

This is not possible in hardware as the headphone and main outs use the same DAC of the audio codec.

This would be possible by using the SPDIF output in future, as we want to have the possibility of addressing them separately in the UI instead of always mirroring the main audio output.


Perhaps this would be possible by connecting a simple USB audio interface?