Adding a turned off pedal turns volume up

I’ve added MDA Leslie between compressor and eq and even if MDA is turned off, the global volume is higher than when no MDA is present into pedalboard. Is it an expected behavior?

This happens with GXCabinet too. At least, it changes the tone even when turned off. Are the plugins “true bypass”?


I put it in the list :wink:

I mean that with all Leslie turned off, result should be the same for all switches but it isn’t. A and C switch sound equal while B it’s different. Sounds at higher volume. Am I wrong?

Unfortunately your list has been returned to the shop.

Better let @jon put it on their list instead.

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Ha ha, that was certainly my last attempt here to make some joke.
After some days of indecision, I decided I have changed a lot since my first move to support this project, 1 year and half after, I am leaving the jet opening a reverb parachute upon my Dwarf. Let’s see how long it takes to reach earth and find a new owner.
Good luck with the ghost list :wink:
From time to time I will come here to follow the orientation.

We know that there are a few plugins with this behavior on the Dwarf (not on the others). It’s already being investigated and fixed in some cases, so no need to go into anyone’s list I guess.
This is a problem on the Dwarf somehow similar to what was happening with the CAPS AMP VST that was cutting the sound when placed on the pedalboard. As far as I know, that is already fixed.
The Dwarf is spreading its spells around some of the platform plugins, but we are getting the antidotes :sweat_smile:


It’s always sad to see a user moving on.
In this type of situation, my job should be to ask what didn’t make you happy with the device, the platform, and overall service. But as you have been pretty active and engaged in sharing your experience here in the forum, I believe that I already know all the reasons.