Add overall assignment page

Currently the process of assigning parameters to knobs/switches etc. is done per parameter. While I’m not suggesting to remove that, when it’s the only way to assign parameters to controllers, it causes some notable UX issues because there’s no way to view all your assignments from a single page. This makes it much harder to

a) design a good strategy for your assignments
b) memorise or refresh your memory on what you’ve already set up
c) reorganise the assignments

So I think there should be a single page which shows all assignments, and allows remapping them from there. Ideally it would show not just the Device matrix, but also MIDI / control chain / CV assignments too, although if that was too much to fit on one web page, it could be broken into tabs much like the individual parameter assignment already works. This page would present a list of all the parameters available for assignment, and make it easy to find the one you want to assign quickly (e.g. filtering by plugin, doing a text search for the plugin / parameter name).

This feature request probably applies equally to the Duo and Duo X :wink:


Saved on features/improvements to discuss :wink:


definitely. i’ve talked about this sort of thing before, and am so happy to see it in the loop! :smiley:


For feature requests like this one which were filed in the beta testing forum, are they still potentially on the radar or should we resubmit to the main forums?

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They are all still on the radar and hopefully soon we will go over them. No need to “resubmit”


+1 to this. I have drawn up some sketches for something like this before and I think @jesse also likes the idea but it needs more development time