Add allguis in Web_GUI?

If http://modduox.local/allguis.html ( would be displayed in Installing_new_plugins or Settings it would be very helpful. Also in the wiki it would be good if it would be mentioned.


Honestly even I was not aware of this page :sweat_smile:
I take care of the wiki so I can drop it there, but I’m missing a bit the point on how.
In what would you say that it helps you?

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By loading the /allguis the pedalboards are loaded faster, which I think is very advantageous, because the images are permanent in the memory of the corresponding web browser. Only if you install new plugins and/or make updates (gui) you have to reload /allguis so that everything is up to date.
Now if there is a button on the above interface I can just reload that. Currently I have bookmarked to do this, which is a bit cumbersome.
Also should be pointed out in the wiki since as I said future pedalboards, the gui, will be loaded faster.


That’s very interesting @khz. Have you tried it with a bluetooth connection?

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No only via USB, but that should not make any difference. But @falkTX can certainly say more about this.

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