Actuators - control multiple pedal on/off's with one actuator button

Hey fella’s. I would like to control a couple functions with one of the actuator buttons. Like turn reverb on when I turn the delay off. Set me straight y’all!


This is not supported at the moment, you can only assign an actuator to a single parameter.

The pedalboard presets (aka “scenes”) provide a workaround for that.

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pedalboard presets workaround…what is the secret sauce?

Is there a utility function that can route the signal in two different ways perhaps…and use the actuator on that?

yes, the MOD-Switchbox plugin does exactly that.

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From release 1.3 onwards, you have a presets manager button on top of the graphical interface that allows you to save specific states on your pedalboard. If you save different pedalboard presets (with different pedalboards on/off, different levels on pedal parameters…) you can then navigate these presets with just one actuator.

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true, but the lag in loading the new preset is the drawback for this.

I thought the presets was added because of the time gap when loading a new pedalboard…

I agree that 1 actuator should be able to control multiple functions. The lag for loading presets is also a dealbreaker for me.

There shouldn’t be any lag in loading pedalboard presets though…

Since it seems complicated to be able to assign one actuator to multiple function, I was thinking of the following :

what about a plugin that would setup its own independent midi jack_client and would then be able to

  1. Appear as a midi-controller able to actuate other plugins controls

  2. Receive control input from a physical midi-controller and translate that as multiple CC events to be forwarded to the other plugins

  3. Also translate regular plugin midi input (either note or CC) and forward that to other plugins

This way, one would simply add this plugin to their pedalboard and that would instantly create a fully configurable and chainable virtual midi controller. A single press of the foot on any physical actuator (either on an external midi controler or on the mod itself) could trigger as many CC events as needed and control many other plugins. The same could be obtained using events coming from any instrument or even from the PC (via netjack2).

@falkTX, do you think such a thing could work ?


Apologies for raising an old thread from the dead - I found this thread via the search function so thought I’d add my solution for anyone else searching for the same thing.

You can use CV plugins to pass a single device control to multiple plugin parameters. For example, I have a pedal board with two independent signal paths. Both paths have a solo boost - Path 1 creates this with the x42 Parametric EQ, while channel 2 uses the TAP Tubewarmth plugin. I wanted a single footswitch to toggle both plugins on/off at the same time. To get this I did the following:

  1. Add a Control to CV plugin and turn its control value all the way up to 10v
  2. In its settings, assign the plugin On/Off parameter to the footswitch (leave the Control parameter unassigned)
  3. Back on the pedal board, click “Manage CV Ports” and check the box that appears next to the CV plugin’s output (you can also rename it to something appropriate if you want)
  4. On each plugin you want to toggle, assign the On/Off parameter to CV and choose the CV port you just created from the dropdown.

Now the CV plugin outputs 10 volts when turned on, 0v when off. The CV port assignment passes this through to the On/Off parameter of each plugin so one switch controls them both.


You are always welcome to “raise from dead” an old thread if it’s for sharing such a great solution :wink:
Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT- sorry, after I posted this, I realized maybe it’s more applicable to Dwarf than Duo. But, if it helps, awesome.

I would just use the snapshots feature for that, the way the pedal is currently functioning. There isn’t a delay (or it’s extremely minimal) when doing that, as opposed to switching pedal boards. I think it was referenced earlier in this thread as presets, which is the same thing, just different terminology than the system has.

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Snapshots/presets didn’t work for me in this case because they would recall the states of other plugins on the board. E.g. there’s an amp simulator on the second signal path - let’s say I’ve tweaked the EQ on that, if I used a snapshot to switch on the solo boost, it would reset the EQ at the same time.

This way, I can kick the solo boost on and off without affecting the other plugins.

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Did I get it right by understanding that your example you would rather prefer to have a plugin snapshot instead of pedalboard snapshot?
Maybe the plugin presets can help you on this.

Hi @jon

Plugin presets didn’t quite do what I wanted either, since there’s still the problem of how to control two plugins at the same time.

I can’t share my first board as it contains paid-for IRs, so to demo the CV control I put together another one that uses only free plugins: 2-Channel Guitar Rig - MOD Devices

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I’m not sure how blocks will work on this particular matter and if they have something like “blocks snapshots”, but maybe there you will have the solution for your problem.

Yes, blocks sound like they’ll open up some interesting possibilities!