Actual tempo not updated on dwarf when change using midi


When using midi to change tempo, bpm doesn’t actually change on the dwarf although bpm change reflected in the web gui.

How to reproduce

  1. Use mindi infamous set to a cc# (eg cc#10) and connect to virtual loopback
  2. Assign bpm to midi cc#
  3. Change cc# value and see the change reflected on the gui.
  4. See tempo on dwarf which is not change.

Expected/suggested solution

Actual tempo to be updated on dwarf itself.

Thanks for the report @JamKid. I have been able to reproduce and have reported it to the developers.

Sorry for the late response. I had already put it in my TODO list when I read it for the first time, but forgot to respond to you as well :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the update!

Currently I’m using snapshots to change the tempo on the fly, but will be nice that I can change via midi without using midi clock as my midi controller doesn’t has the function unfortunately