Acoustic singer

A subtle board to combine vocal and acoustic guitar for “atmospheric live gigs”.

Just as much a primer as an instant preset for rehearsal or gig.

No bindings to hardware buttons

Since there aren’t that much acoustic guitar and vocal boards, this is a decent first try but more/better should follow :wink:


Great - you saved a lot of my life time. :hugs:

I am curious about updates. :wink:

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it’s still pretty unrefined and I need to carve out some time in my schedule to focus on finding the good setup to actually test the reverbs.

I think vocalists can benefit from a plugin that has a good set of usable presets out of the box but first I want to fail forward a bit with what is already in THIS Mod box :wink:

It’s a bit of challenge to find good vocal reverbs because of all of the ranges ad settings on each pedals. None of the plugins are primarely aimed at vocalists but I think I can add value to this community by working on that. Than it’s a matter of teaming up with @brummer (or other devs that I invite to speak up as well!)

some smart products like the TC Helicon line etc often have a switch to “fix” your sound. a kind of “always on” setting that applies of a bit compression, noise reduction, etc. I could imagine, combined with a handful of common vocal verb settings, it could become a much used plugin that will even work well for guitars as well :smiley:


I want to use your PB as inspiration for my DUO. Guit, keyb or accordion and self-made MIDI backings. (I also play in a vintage rock band)
We play old hits and evergreens from the 50s and 60s.
Interestingly, my Strat also sounds really good without much tweaking.
We usually play in smaller venues with a MINI-PA, so the DWARF saves me a lot of lugging around.
One of my Strats has a Fishman Power bridge with piezo PU, which I can mix continuously with the magn. PUs on the guitar. I still have to adjust it a bit.
I’ve actually only replaced the delay in the guitar path with a Gaffa TAPE delay and added an IR loader.
I haven’t tried the vocal path yet, as I don’t have a suitable micro cable with a jack connection at the moment.
So thanks again for sharing the pedal board.


Sounds good. I guess it guitar on input 1 and mic on input 2?