Acoustic Guitar Simulator Plugin

Still waiting for my dwarf, I browse the forum and the technical description to get started quickly.
As a guitarist, I am of course interested in applications for the guitar.
I already have ideas how to build my pedalboards, but I’m missing a plugin that allows me to simulate an acoustic guitar with an electric guitar at the input. Is there anything in the pipe line that I have overlooked or does it not exist yet?


We don’t really have any at this moment. I will save it on our request list, but maybe if you find one LV2 acoustic simulator online we can check if it’s possible/easy to port it.

Thanks for quick reaction.
Actually I have no Idea about LV2 and this kind of technic.
Therefore, I do not know where to look. Maybe there is a good soul with more expertise who tries to find something in this regard. :slight_smile:
In any case, this application would be important for me to use the Dwarf as a high-quality back-up for my Kemper.

Putting it really simple LV2 is a Linux plugin format similar to VST. If you google something like “Guitar Acoustic Simulator LV2” maybe you get lucky :wink:

Correction, there is nothing in LV2 that is specific to Linux.
LV2 works on any platform, just like VST2.
You do need binaries to match the platform though, just like there are windows vsts and mac vsts and linux vsts, there is linux lv2s and etc etc


Maybe this new plugin that will allow to import IR’s will help. There are lots of IR’s of original acoustic specific models. Then add it in Your chain and maybe it will be helpful. Unfortunately I don’t remember the plugin’s name and if it is already released


I have found some acoustic simulators that provide the sound of acoustic guitars embedded in a DAW as VST plugins, but the material to be played must also be available in DAW (e.g. MIDI).
I note with thanks that my wish was noted as a feature request.

I could imagine that there is a larger number of MOD-users who would like to have such a plugin.
In the meantime, I’ll try to come up with a practical solution with IR’s once I get the Dwarf…

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Additional question to this thread.
Is there actually a CAB plug-in for the Dwarf which you can load with an IR (.wav)?
E.g.what I use in the DAW: STL Tones Ignite Amp EMISSARY & NadIR - FREE Guitar Amp Plugin and IR Loader - benonistudio

Look for IR cab loader plugin. Anyway, I managed to make a pedalboard which sounds pretty much like an acoustic guitar even with my strat like guitar. I’ll share it in the near future.

@Jon : Found the following VST3 that does somewhat what I expect. I downloaded the demo version and it runs fine in my DAW.

It doesn’t work because it doesn’t have an LV2 version :neutral_face:

What ever this is :grinning:
Thanks for quick reaction.

Well…you have formats for plugins like VTS, VST3, AAX and also LV2. The last is what the MOD platform runs.
A bit like audio file formats like WAV or AIF :slight_smile:

I’m using the IR loader plugin with an acoustic IR. With some extra compression, EQ and reverb this makes some really nice acoustic-like sound.
I can recommend the acoustic IR files from 3Sigma (


I also use IR’s in various applications. (Kemper, Helix, DAW). 3Sigma I i have some. From 3 Sigma I also have some.
But I did not find an IR loader in the plugins for Dwarf, hence my query if there is something like that here.
(It’s nice to be greeted so friendly by a forum software after one year :slight_smile: )

Perhaps this one?


Thanks - I hope this will be the correct Plugin. I will see.
The only information is the max time.
2.667 ms - I can do little with this number. I hope that is long enough.
I know more the indication of the KHz and that it is to be fed with *.wav file.

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A bit late to this but I just made myself an acoustic simulator pedelboard, Just wanted to share
Acoustic Simulator


Nice. Do you have any sound samples?