Acoustic feedback simulator?

Is there an acoustic feedback simulator plugin? Anyone thinking of developing one? :wink:

On my physical pedalboard I have a Fender Runaway pedal. This is an acoustic feedback simulator with the software developed by Softube. There is a plugin version made by them as well. It’s a really fun pedal and would love to have it inside the DUO.
It’s not a huge issue for me because if there is a plugin made I would need an expression pedal and the Fender Runaway is the size of an expression pedal…
But it would be cool…

Thanks for listening!

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Hi @Skydiver,

is your Fender Runaway something like the BOSS FB-2? Such a feedback generator would be very nice to have :slight_smile:

Regards, Holger

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I think it’s similar to the feedback function of the FB-2. With the runaway you have a little more control since it’s a continuously variable expression pedal. The FB-2 is either on or off. From the quick video I saw it looked like it was pretty close. Check out the acoustic feedback plugin from Softube.

Here is a video where the player has the feedback parameter controlled by an expression pedal. I think this is how they are doing it in the hardware pedal… not really sure…
You can keep the plugin turned on the whole time and feedback will not happen all the time. Just when you sustain a note and let the feedback happen. But using an expression pedal makes it more controllable.

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One more thing…
I keep my fender runaway on all the time with the toe up (unaffected). Then I just lay into it when I want the effect. I don’t know if this really matters but I wanted to put it out there…

This and a note-to-midi plug-in will cover everything for me. These are the only things I really use outside the Duo X.

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Indeed, my Digitech Freqout has become the secret weapon on my pedalboard. A Mod clone would be absolutely amazing!


@Skydiver and @bleo, there’s not a Acoustic feedback simulator yet in the roadmap. Although we add it on a list of your requests :wink:
Regarding the note-to-MIDI @Skydiver, the dev team is working on it and I can tell that we will be soon testing some options :wink: Hopefully will be available at least as beta soon


Has there been any more interest in a feedback plugin?
The one like the Digitech Freqout would be cool. If we can press and hold a Footswitch to activate the feedback that would be amazing.


We didn’t really receive way more requests for this particular plugin. Maybe you need to try to join some little “army” haha :slight_smile:




Yes. Still wanting a feedback plugin!


I would be interested in this too. A controllable pedal would be the ideal, but in the meantime is anybody clever enough to cobble together something using clever cabling rather than a dedicated pedal that would divert the signal back into itself for a bit without blowing up anybody’s eardrums? That would be welcome. Here is a Stooges song tutorial that uses the Boss DF-2 (distortion/feedbacker) - Any takers?

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