Acessing File-List of Convolution Loader

Day 3 with Mod Dwarf I jumped into my main terrain of interest: Working with the Convolutioon loader. It had a great start: I have a folder with hundreds of experiemental and very good Cello, Violin, Ukulele, Banjo, Fidel… and Acoustic guitar Impulse responses for which I put Months of work in. I had the fear, that it would be too complicate to import those hundreds of files to the mod, but it went well. I used reapers batch processing to convert all to 48khz and import via filbrowser took an hour because of building folders and deciding what to import. That was great.

Now I have all these IRs inside dwarf and can selwect them via Computer… but please, please, let me assign a rotary for selecting them on dwarf, that would be sooooo awsome!!! I can’t build presets for all impulses, but zapping through them would be so cool.

At least it would need an assigneble NEXT and PREVIOUS button, to control both via KNOB!
I would love to be able to read on the dwarf display which IR is selected. Is that possible?



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