Accessing and playing MIDI sounds with bass guitar

I have a MOD Dwarf. I was just wondering - is there a way to access MIDI sounds and trigger them with a bass guitar? I want to make my bass sound like an organ (for example). Can that be done internally in the Dwarf or would there have to be some external interface?

This is a quest I’ve been on for a few years already and I have not found the ideal setup for me yet.

As far as I know, the Dwarf does not have an “Analog to MIDI” converter. So you will need an external device.

Options are:

All these solutions start breaking down when playing in the low frequencies. This is why in demo videos players play on the upper frets on basses.

One thing I did not try yet is using the Capo plugin in Dwarf to feed higher frequencies while playing on the low notes…

But I am going to follow this thread and see what ideas people come up with that involves the Dwarf :slight_smile:


I use the Sonicsmith P1+ which is “only” an audio2CV. There is also the MIDVertor E1 or E1 Duo Pack as Eurorack modules.
Something like this as software in the mod would be great!

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I use the Sonuus G2M V3, set to bass guitar with the internal switches, and it works fine for the most part, only the occasional ping of a higher octave - unless I’m playing fast!

These are all interesting. I’ve played with Bass MIDI but found that when trying to use keyboard patches that it’s a little too sensitive, although it was fun shocking the keyboard player I play alongside of by sliding down my neck with a piano patch. And I do want something that will track down to the low B (or A if I’m downtuned).

The idea - at least for me - is to reduce the number of pedals that I’m using. I feel that I have enough already. I’ll have to investigate these other options I’m now aware of. Thanks, folks! Let the information continue to flow!

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Not sure if this is relevant but I play chapman stick and, although it has plenty of low-end, if I want to play midi/synth bass I use strings in the upper register to trigger the synth bass notes (via a Roland GK pickup) as it tends to prove more reliable and faster/easier to play anyway. Obviously no good if you want to have a synth sound behind the normal bass sound but a good solution if you just want midi on it’s own.

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Yeah, I’m looking for a way to combine the sounds, both MIDI and whatever processed signal I might want to produce.


The options are not that many for a one-step audio-to-midi. @Simon laid out them all, but sadly the TriplePlay doesn’t have a bass pickup. It is however easy to adapt one, but the cost would be acquiring a GK3 for bass AND a Tripleplay, plus labour.

The Sonnus is the easiest and cheapest of them all. IIRC it’s monophonic, but you can produce great chords out of it with multiple synths. Check this video @ 7:03 with Gundy Kellar (he is using a Future Impact, though).

Ultimately, you can try your hand with a used Axon (no longer in production) or a VG99 for bass, aside from other VG, GP, and GR Boss units. There are still NOS Axon 50 USB units on the market, but they’re usually at 400 Euros and up.

Thanks for the links, they seem to be great.

MOD has an Audio to CV plugin, but I never tested it to see what it does.

True, but this has been floated in the past and I don’t think the Mod could handle it because it bites a TON of processing power, plus it would require multiple inputs for polyphonic processing. Besides, it’s one of those things that people are never really happy with, so I wouldn’t put my time and effort into that. (Just look at how many TriplePlay users are very satisfied with it, in spite of being the fastest and most accurate guitar-to-midi in the market. One out of four in an optimistic guess…)

A few users here have either Boss SY or Source Audio C4 units and use them in parallel with the Mod, that is IMHO one of the best ways to get synth sounds off a bass with minimal investment and not fiddling with your bass guitar. It’s not midi though.