Access USB Mic from dwarf (ALSA?)

I have noticed that when I use my personal PA amp with the DWARF on different PA systems from other venues I get very different tones (despite PAs supposed to be fairly flat response). I would like to create a plugin that allows me to easily give a more consistent tone across amps/speakers/rooms.

To do this, I am planning to create a plugin that integrates similar functionality to REW (Room EQ Wizard) as a plugin in my mod DWARF.

The basic concept I am considering is fairly simple, play a few sweeps through the system and using a reference microphone, record the response of the room and then use that to make EQ adjustments at the end of the pedalboard. I don’t know how well this will work, but its something I want to give a try.

To make this, I want to use a USB reference microphone I have available (the UMIK-1 which is with a friend at the moment) and not the onboard DWARF inputs. This is because it is a calibrated mic and will remove some of the variability I might see using other microphones I have available.

I can plug this into the DWARFs USB port and fairly sure it will identify it as I have tried a few other USB audio devices and can see they appear in dmesg.

My question is, what would be the best way to interface with this extra USB audio device on the DWARF?

Is it safe for me to use ALSA directly to access this USB microphone within a lv2 plugin or is this going to cause issues for jack and the dwarf?

I am asking here in case someone knows in advance of any issues I might encounter and if this approach would be suitable or there might be a better approach?