About the true bypass

I know that the Duo should have true bypass. But I didn’t understand yet how it was working. As a matter of fact when I read the wiki I see that we should even be able to bypass the gain stages, but I don’t know how. Any tips ? Or is it a feature you’re working on ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Jumi

On the bottom right side of the Assembler Screen you’ll see the two Bypass Buttons

If you press them you’ll even be able to hear the “click” of the Bypass relay

There is a plugin coming out for using the True-Bypass feature inside the pedalbaords.

@falkTX can inform about the status of the release for this plugin.


Thank you for the quick answer (moreover late at night). The funny thing is that I’m the kind of guy who loves to click everywhere and I never did on these buttons !
But it seems there are so many features to come, you must be working a lot :dizzy_face:
Go get some sleep ! (And ty again) ^^

The plugin is only installable in v1.3 (currently under testing).
It’s on the stable section already, if you have v1.3 you can find it in the store.