A longer video to go with the latest pedal board I uploaded

I uploaded a pedalboard early for the book of pedalboards, but the one minute demo didn’t really give enough time to explore much of what it could do.

So instead, here’s a longer video I just uploaded to youtube, in case you’re interested… :slight_smile:


Are all effects from the Duo?

Yup - if you check the pedal boards page, it’s the last one I uploaded, so you can have a play with it. I’m controlling it with a KMI Softstep 2 (on/off for all the stompbox emulations, and the CC pedal assigned to pan between the two sides of the chain internally - one ambience w/ delay/reverb, the other just bass, but with two overdrives and a tremolo :slight_smile: )

You can also see my Jule Monique preamp behind me there (the wooden box, turned around to reduce interference with the single coil pickups on my bass :slight_smile: ) - that’s at the front of the chain.

In terms of mastering, there’s a little bit of noise reduction on there, and about 2-3db of compression from a free Klanghelm plug-in (I didn’t use my normal mastering signal chain, cos I wanted to leave it pretty close to what the MOD actually sounds like!)


Nice stuff.


Sounds beautiful!

You mean this one?



Here’s another video for a new pedalboard, but it’s one I can’t upload because it has the Rakarrak Arpie delay in it (which is officially unstable) - there’s a screenshot of the board at the start of the video, if you want to see what’s in it - it’s 4 parallel audio paths, independently switchable, and with a preset that changes the pitch of the reverb on the 3 Shiroverbs :slight_smile:

…since filming this, I’ve also added a switchable extra path around the looper, and a pedal controlled volume after the looper, so I can fade it and keep playing over it - I’ve also got a third preset that resets all the delay feedback levels in order to do faster endings or changes of tonality… Will be using this a lot more and will post video as ideas develop :slight_smile:


It’s very good!
I can’t see the screenshot anywhere…

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Ah! It’s not there! Got lost in the bounce from Reaper. Here it is - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nfp3t2y83g9wsc/Screenshot%202017-10-19%2012.45.45.png?dl=0


Another video! This one has a number of cool MOD sounds in it - basically all the processing except one bit of Fuzz at the ned of the pad layer and some delay right at the end is from the MOD :slight_smile:



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