A little concept to improve mobile and tablet experience

Mobile experience isn’t that great on little screen

Here a little concept that I did with paint : https://imgur.com/a/QbHZPHq
As you can see it doesn’t need a big overall of the current UI, it’s just a little improvement.

To each quarter of the screen correspond an input/output (see picture)

By default the zoom is locked on a pedal, and you jump to another pedal by swipping in a quarter.

To add a pedal, you long press on a quarter you want to connect a pedal to, then a list popped out letting choosing you a pedal.

Of course it can be improved.


I don’t think it will work as many plugins are not stereo in stereo out. Take for example toggleswitch: https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/plugins/aHR0cDovL21vZGRldmljZXMuY29tL3BsdWdpbnMvbW9kLWRldmVsL1RvZ2dsZVN3aXRjaDQ=

How would that work? Also pedalboards are rarely linear so which effect is the next to move to?

I agree it would be nice to have an easy way to navigate in mobile and maybe a connect dialog could be the answer, but these issues need some thought.

I love the initiative! It’s great to be thinking about these things :slight_smile:

For me, I tend to prefer simplicity and the overuse of skeumorphic design in the music/audio world …is something I’ve already ranted enough about elsewhere :wink:

My most likely use case would be for last-minute tuning or emergency patching before a performance. I’ll be stressed out and won’t want to have to click through a bunch of shiny UI or fight with dragging my finger just the right way so the little gain dial won’t keep jumping wildly back and forth. My fingers are trembling and I’m sweating a little and the only thing I can manage to do is click on native list widgets and native buttons and sliders. All I need is:

  • A native list widget with a smooth scrolling and easily selectable list of plugins on the board. Plain text labels OK. Plain background OK
  • Click a list item, get a smooth scrolling, easily selectable list of plugin parameters. Plain text labels OK. Plain background OK
  • Click a parameter option, get a full-screen, easily readable control with an appropriate native widget for the value type: toggle, slider, list. Each value is text-editable by clicking on it.

A good thing is that the MOD architecture is pretty hackable and both main pieces (mod-host and mod-ui) expose endpoints that one can use to query and change state on the Duo. There’s room for people to write and share their own little power tools that solve workflow / editing / performing scenarios that are difficult to express with the today’s Duo software.

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well for this case you can do it like that : https://imgur.com/a/YyVBmai

in every case you move to the effect that is connected to the input/output you slide on

This is how we’ve done the web-ui for guitarix, to be usable on a smart phone or tablet:
The main screen, here you could select bank and preset to load, and set the overall volume output.

the tuner view

the effect chain “padelboard”, were you could load, move and switch effects on/off, or select a effect to show it’s settings.

For the MOD, we would need a additional patchbay like view to manage connections,

the effect settings view,