A crossfade switch

One basic building block I feel the Mod environment is missing is a way to take a single signal and slowly fade it from one destination to another. I currently use two volume plug-ins and a CV input plug-in to make one volume plug-in go from 0 to 100% while the other goes from 100% to 0. That’s three plug-ins for one simple operation. The opposite exists - crossfading two inputs into one output.


Actually now that I think of it - this takes 4 plug-ins. Two volume controls, a control to CV, and then another CV plug-in to reverse that signal output so that one volume does the opposite of the first.

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Hi S_Righteous, don’t know if this is still relevant for you.
Here is a simple utility plugin doing what you’ve asked for.


This does look good!

I have never installed plug-ins outside of using the web-store, so this might be my first.

how did this go?