A BIG thank you to the MOD Team!

Hey there,

I just want to say thank you very much to the MOD team for their phenomenal packaging!

I just received my MOD Dwarf this morning after a few days of delays due to local weather.

My heart was pumping knowing my Dwarf was sitting at the customer counter waiting for me after my shift ended.

I was very crestfallen when I found my package damaged, with a significant puncture through both layers of boxes.

I am happy to report that although the box has been damaged, the wonderful case that the dwarf was packed in did its job!

No damage to the device or case, and the extra padded enclosure that the dwarf sits upon in the case added a massive layer of security.

I have yet to install the dwarf so that I can test it and make sure there is no internal damage, but seeing all the extra care that went into protecting the unit is above and beyond.

I own a decent amount of pedals, and neither my strymon or dreadbox pedals had any level of care to them. Just a cardboard box. If this situation had occurred on any of those pedals, they would have been destroyed.

MOD Team,

Thank you so much for caring about your product, and most importantly, your patrons.

This experience was stomach-turning at first, but as soon as I opened that box, all of my anxiety about it left my system.

I can’t wait to jam with this!

I really appreciate the extra mile you went by providing us a case with extra padding, it saved the day.

I hope you all have a great day!


Thank you so much for such nice words.

We are aware of the potential that the new MOD Dwarf has. We are also aware of the value that it has for you customers (after all it is not an inexpensive device), and more than that, we are aware of the incredible challenges that we passed to make this device see the light of the day while being developed and produced during a pandemic and more recently a huge crisis on the electronics supply chain industries.
Less than this care on the device would simply be huge neglect from our side and lack of respect for our entire community and for our own work and efforts. And this time it (fortunately) really paid off. Now, this is clearly not the way that we want our customers to be treated and not at all the experience that we want them to have when they receive their devices. We hire a company to take care of how the devices arrive at your hands and in your situation they failed on their duties. As we put great care into how you receive our devices, we will take action regarding this situation and make sure that it won’t happen again!
Now - hoping that everything is fine with the device itself - go ahead and share with us the great music that you do using it and videos of your setups :wink:
Thank you for being a MOD supporter :slight_smile: