A/B switcher option - is there one?

I find it quite odd that there isn’t a stereo A/B switcher plug-in. It’s a common thing to have two chains of effects and choose A or B while maintaining a stereo path. There is a stereo mixer, two channels into one, but not the opposite.

Is there an effect of some kind, which has this option?
Possibly there is a paid plug-in not in the library which has this option?

Just wondering what others use when they want to do this.

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Hi @S_Righteous

Just checking I understand the question correctly. Are you looking for a stereo version of something like SwitchBox?

As long as there’s no dedicated stereo switch, it should be easily doable using Macro controls using CV.

No guarantee, though - I’m still waiting for my Dwarf myself…

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We already have a working stereo switchbox version (well UI is not finished), not yet pushed into the store.
That should solve this once we publish it, right?

So my understanding (and I’m new :grinning:) is that Switchbox sends the output directly to either of the hardware outputs. So Switchbox is not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a way to route internal signals to different effect chains inside the unit.

I would prefer something which takes a stereo signal and routes it to either A stereo out, or B stereo out (of that plug-in) more like the opposite of Stereo X Fade, with a fader button. I like being able to control ‘send amounts’, so a fader works great.

However it would also be great to have a stereo version of Toggle Switch 4, because I would use that to route the stereo input to one of 4 possible effect chains. currently using two of the mono version means you can’t make this switch with ‘one click’ of a button.

switchbox is a plugin, has regular outputs, it is not for talking to hardware, not sure where that idea comes from.

here is a simple screenshot of such setup.

This is possible with the CV trick added in v1.9

Ah, yes a stereo version of Switchbox would work. I think I believed it was specific to the hardware (just like the Bypass plug-in), from seeing how it was used in a pedalboard.

I will look at that CV trick, it appears to do what I had attempted with midi modules.
Thanks for the tip!

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I’m really happy to hear about a solution for this. I’m looking for ways to send one stereo signal into two separate stereo chains and fade between them, rather than use a toggle switch. Anyone knows how this is done? I can not seem to find a pedal/module for it.

Hey, would this do what you’re after?

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Thanks for the quick reply! Found this one, but need the exact opposite (stereo in, A/B out) :slight_smile:

Ah I understand, to help me visualise could you draw out the rest of your chain?

Would it be possible to mix between the two chains at the ends rather than at the beginning? (Assuming you merge them back to just have a single stereo output)

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With the Stereo X-fade end-chain fading works perfect, but my main issue here is that i have (simply put) a dry stereo signal chain, and a wet stereo signal chain. The thing that i’m after is the tail of possible reverbs and delays when fading between the two signals. If this is done at the end of the chain (with the x fade module), there reverb/delay won’t dry out naturally (as we’re fading between a dry and wet signal), whereas when the fading occurs at the start of the chain, we rather control how much signal is being fed into a chain, and there will still be a tail/delay/reverb etc when faded to the dry signal as there will be still signal in the wet chain until everything dries out :slight_smile: if that makes sense

Makes perfect sense!

I wonder if you can use CV plug-ins to move two different stereo volume knobs in opposite directions from one control?

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I’ve been looking into this, but this should only be possible if the knob behaviour can be inversed right? Haven’t found a way to do that yet i’m affraid

I have a plugin for this but still WIP, part of a collection I will push into MOD at some point.
What device are you using? I can make a quick early build.


Thanks! Sounds great! I’m using a Duo X atm

Curious to hear more about this possible inversion of a cv out module. Would be great to have two parameters move in opposite directions with the use of one single knob for sure

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Maybe this discussion can help :slight_smile:

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I just pushed this to the beta plugins, look for “OneKnob A/B Output Selector”
The “mode” switch does nothing for now.
And no modguis yet. these plugins are still WIP

But should work for your use case I think, like so: