7ender + mp3 backings

Created for my Duo. (Guit, Keyb/Accordion, mainly self-made Mp3-Backing.
We play oldies of the 50ies and 60ies but hardly any rock. But is my cash cow :wink:
Mainly I used the clean-sound. 2 Snapshot (Clean , Crunch)
2 sheets
In/Out 1 is for Guitar - In/Out 2 is for Mp3 Backings
For Rehearsal I can merge the Backings to the Guitar-Output 1
Each channel has a volume control.
Volume balance can be shifted in the range -3 to 3 dB without changing the individual volumes.
Distortion, reverb and delay can be switched on/off via footswitch.
Volume control for guitar and backing, balance control (-3 to 3) for both channels (forward, backward).
Controls for reverb mix and delay mix.
One controller is left as spare


Nice sound! Very authentic.

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Thanks for the kind recognition.
This Amp X is really very good.
In the meantime I have reduced the mids a bit for myself, but this is a matter of taste and application.


When I read this first I thought: “Wait?! But @Sharry ha a good old MOD Duo?! I thought he had only a MOD Dwarf.”
But then I got it :wink:

Overall it sounds pretty cool and thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. I would even boost a bit this “thank you note” for all the information and description about the pedalboard and your setup that you added here. This truly helps anyone here searching for some inspiration or making a bit of “MOD R&D”.

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Well, I also document for myself.
As part of the so-called vulnerable generation, I have been blessed with the grace of forgetfulness. :wink:


call it “limitations on the hard drive capacity” and that means that you have a lot of super usefull information stored :wink: