5 CV Pedalboards for MOD Dwarf

Hi everyone, because we noticed that some users were asking for more documentation on how to use the CV plugins, I decided to create and share some pedalboards that make use of these plugins.

The pedalboards all come with notes that explain how they work. To give them a try, simply click on one of the links below and press “try now” while the MOD web interface is loaded.

The first three boards are FX boards, they just apply some effects to an audio signal.
The next board is a drum machine board, it doesn’t take any audio/midi input, and generates sound on its own
The final board is an instrument board, it uses the MIDI input to generate audio output.

Without further ado, here are the boards:






Hope this is interesting for you all :slight_smile:



Well, this is really a great help that has seduced me to study the workings of CV’s already. Thanks for that.

As far as I understood now, the desired control button is set in “Control to CV” by assigning it to “Device”.
In the option “Advance” the output is entered with a freely definable name. (Declaration of a variable). It makes sense to assign a meaningful name. :wink:

In the plug-in to be controlled, the name of the controlling variable is now entered in the option "CV " and “Advanced”) and scaled according to the requirements of the plug-in.
E.g. 0-10 V (output controller scale, not selectable) → -10 to 10 (scale of input plugin, selectable here)
A variable can be assigned to several plug-ins.

The selection on the DWARF of which sheet the control button can be called is made with the buttons under the knobs.

I hope that it works similarly for binary variables (on/off). But I haven’t found the right controller plugin yet.

Good luck to the desperate :wink:


Hope has gone.
There are actually no binary variables that can be assigned to several plug-ins.
@Jon : That would be something for a request.
A plugin with 2 outputs “on” or “off” (one inverted) with which you can switch several plugins on or off via one footswitch.
Or even a 2 to 4-way switch that you assign to one footswitch to selects a different output pair (in a circle depending on how many outputs are occupied)
This would greatly improve the limitation of options with only 3 footswitches
I know that would mean a new selection in the assignment window (maybe “Bin”?) and some more efforts.
Well, one is still allowed to dream . :wink:

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@Sharry you can actually use the MOD Control to CV for this too! :slight_smile:

Simply set the value to max, and use the bypass of the plugin to toggle the output value between 0v and 10v.

You can assign the output value to as many toggle controls as you would like simultaneously.

Let me know if you want a pedalboard with this set up as an example!



I’ll try before I ask you to do something. At the moment I think I’ve understood. :wink:

I still have problems understanding your nomenclature.
I can’t find a bypass on the module or plug-in.
I think I need help after all.

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The bypass is the “on/off” control, that is sometimes not visible in the editor screen, but is visible in the settings view of the plugin. Perfect example of this is the 1-2 switchbox plugin. I didn’t even know you could bypass it until I opened the settings view of the plugin. Hope you get this working!


Let me know if this board helps @Sharry :slight_smile:
It has an example of mapping to multiple plugin ON/OFF (bypass) controls, and an example of controlling two knobs in reverse directions.



Thanks, it’s so easy ( if you know it ) :hugs:
How to transfer a bottle of beer?


Thanks a lot @jesse! :raised_hands:
Still somewhat difficult for me to wrap my head around all of it, but this is definitely a great place to start and experiment with these pedalboards :mechanical_arm:


If you can work out how to transfer beer via the interwebs you’ll be rubbing shoulders with Elon on Mars!