3 Expression pedals with MOD X

I have an idea of connecting 3 exp pedals to my mod x. The idea is to get 3 x BeatBars EX2M (used with 3 x Moog EP3), connect them to Midi Merger and then to MOD X. DO you think it would work? EX2M lets to set midi channel, so I would set different channel on every EX2m and would be able to use those 3 exp pedals simultaneously on every pedalboard I would create. I know the idea of MOd EXP, but I would like to have an option of 3 (or even more :wink: exp pedals.


I donโ€™t see why it should not work.
These are midi expression pedal so you can connect then with a midi merger as much as there are free midi channel in your setup.
I have a Behringer FBC1010. It have two expression pedal. I have a volume pedal connected to CV input.
So that give me 3 expression pedals if I want.

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Is there any limitations on MOD X if it comes to the number of midi devices connected to it?

There a limitation with midi channel, usualy 16.
That MIDI standard since MIDI exist.

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I thought so, thanks!

But there is a separated and a aggregated mode on Mod Duo X, so prehaps it can handle many devices with 16 midi channels for each one.
I donโ€™t know.

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As far as I know, that is correct. Although I never really tested it myself (quite a lot of MIDI devices required for that haha)

@Lukasz Iโ€™m curious about that pedalboard. When you get it done, please share some videos with us :wink:

No problem, just make my 3 kids go sleep a bit earlier :wink: