2 in - 4 out Switchbox missing?

I remember that there was a toggle switchbox with one stereo in and two stereo outs available in the MODEP distribution but I can’t find it on my Duo X. Was this a development of Blokas or why is it missing? It’s a very useful utility for many things.

+1. I was just looking at SwitchBox2 wondering why there isn’t also a two-in four-out version. Unless the fade time on Stereo X-Fade by x42 can be reduced to 0ms (effectively creating a stereo switchbox—I’d test it but I’m waiting on the Dwarf), this seems like a surprising omission from the plugin gallery.

@Klaustrophil @jahschwa, at the moment this plugin, and some other switch boxes variations, are still in our BETA section. However, these can be moved to our regular store. I’m looking into this now.