sometimes does not show the Web interface on Mac

Hi! Once in a while I just cannot connect to the Web GUI of the mod duo using my mac + Google Chrome. It just hangs out saying EMPT_RESPONSE in the web browser.

I rebooted the pedal, my computer, I have a network config with both ethernet + widi + DHCP + a DNS that works, etc. Sometimes it just hangs. What can I do to reset the pedal ethernet interface? Or is it a Mac OS specific problem with the local loop ?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

I found myself the answer. The “Duo ethernet” connexion appeared in my network config dialog, but never showed “connected”. I had to click on the advanced/renew DHCP button so that it connected. Strange behavior for the pedal.

There is a bug somewhere, as this happens once in a while…

What’s the version of the MOD system that you’re using?
There has been some possible fixes/helpers for OSX in v1.3.

Hmmm I bought it the last week + made an update as soon as I turned it on. I think I use the last official update.